Jury and Prizes

27th Edition – 2024

Prizes include checks and grants for a total amount of € 32.000 and a series of concerts, to be held by the winner in Italy’s most important classical music seasons and concert halls, through all 2025.

→ First prize
€ 15.000 “City of Monza”

→ Second prize
€ 8.000

→ Third prize
€ 5.000 “Monza East & Monza West Rotary Clubs”

→ Scholarship
€ 2.000 combined with the Special Audience Award, awarded during the final round.

→ “Massimo Galli” Prize
awarded to the candidate, chosen from among the 6 semi-finalists, who has reached his greatest artistic peak in one of the rounds. The Prize consists of the production of a CD, at the Fazioli Concert Hall, published by the Piano Classics label, with a program agreed with the label and the organization of the Competition.

Chopin Prize
€ 1.000 in memory of Febea D’Andria D’Eredità, offered by her daughter Maria Rosaria Sallustio D’Andria, awarded to the best performance of a piece by Chopin.

→ “Rina Sala Gallo Musical Association Council” Prize
€ 1.000 awarded to the youngest candidate among the semi-finalists.

Concert opportunities for the winners

Coming soon

✔ A concert (2023-24 Season) of the Milan Symphony Orchestra Giuseppe Verdi at the Mahler Auditorium.
✔ A chamber music concert (2023-24 Season) at the Gerolamo Theater in Milan, with the principal chairs of the orchestra
✔ A concerto for the Un piano per la città season in Monza in 2023
✔ A series of five or more concerts organized by Weltklassik am Klavier in Germany.
✔ One or more concerts for Fondazione Gioventù Musicale d’Italia
✔ A concert at the Fazioli Concert Hall in Sacile, for Fazioli and with the Regional Theatre of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in 2023.
✔ A concert offered by Banco di Desio and Brianza in 2023
✔ A concert offered by Hauskonzert – Amici della Musica di Ispra in 2023
✔ A concert offered by Piano City Milano 2023-24
✔ A Recital offered by the ProMusica Association
✔ A solo recital for the Società dei Concerti season in Milan
✔ More concerts will be announced in the next months.

The Jury

Roberto Prosseda

(President and Artistic Coordinator)

Lera Auerbach


Jed Distler


Inna Faliks

Ukraine / USA
(from the 2nd Round onwards)

Michail Lifits


Roland Pöntinen

(from the 2nd Round onwards)

John Rink


The Preselection Jury

Jed Distler


Roland Pöntinen


Roberto Prosseda