Jury and Prizes

26th Edition – 2023

Prizes include checks and grants for a total amount of € 34.500 and a series of concerts, to be held by the winner in Italy’s most important classical music seasons and concert halls, through all 2023.

→ First prize
€ 15.000 “City of Monza” Prize, awarded by the Municipality

→ Second prize
€ 8.000 “Banco di Desio e della Brianza S.p.A” Prize

→ Third prize
€ 5.000 “Monza East & Monza West Rotary Clubs”

→ Student Bursary Prize
€ 2.000 awarded by the Rina Sala Gallo Music Association in combination with the Special Public Prize

→ “Tribute to Bach” Prize
€ 2,000 for the best performance of a composition or transcription of J. S. Bach, to be presented in the Third Round.

Chopin Prize
€ 1.000 in memory of Febea D’Andria D’Eredità, offered by the daughter Maria Rosaria Sallustio D’Andria.

Critics Prize
€ 1.000 awarded by Inner Wheel Monza.

Student Prize
€ 500 in collaboration with Liceo Classico e Musicale Statale Bartolomeo Zucchi, Monza

Concert opportunities for the winners

✔ A concert (2023-24 Season) of the Milan Symphony Orchestra Giuseppe Verdi at the Mahler Auditorium.
✔ A chamber music concert (2023-24 Season) at the Gerolamo Theater in Milan, with the principal chairs of the orchestra
✔ A concerto for the Un piano per la città season in Monza in 2023
✔ A series of five or more concerts organized by Weltklassik am Klavier in Germany.
✔ One or more concerts for Fondazione Gioventù Musicale d’Italia
✔ A concert at the Fazioli Concert Hall in Sacile, for Fazioli and with the Regional Theatre of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in 2023.
✔ A concert offered by Banco di Desio and Brianza in 2023
✔ A concert offered by Hauskonzert – Amici della Musica di Ispra in 2023
✔ A concert offered by Piano City Milano 2023-24
✔ A Recital offered by the ProMusica Association
✔ A solo recital for the Società dei Concerti season in Milan
✔ More concerts will be announced in the next months.

The Jury

David Whelton (President)


Vovka Ashkenazy


Riccardo Risaliti


Muriel Chemin


Massimiliano Ferrati


Daniele Petralia


Alvaro Teixeira Lopes


The Preselection Jury

Vovka Ashkenazy
Roberto Prosseda
Marco Vincenzi